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Channing Tatum was the only one to help Stan Lee off the stage while literally every Marvel superhero stood behind — Spencer Althouse
Wait, did Channing Tatum copy Hilary Duff's famous "Lizzie McGuire" pose? (um, YES) — Cosmopolitan
Channing Tatum basically stole his Magic Mike XXL moves from Lizzie McGuire. Seriously: — Sugarscape
Did @channingtatum steal @HilaryDuff's pose? — BuzzFeed Community
How could anyone be hotter than this guy? Well find out who it is right here: — MTV UK
When Channing Tatum makes you strip for the first time and it's going surprisingly well — Maggy
Los más bellos: #LiamPayne en el listado de una revista internacional: Vía @LaRedCaracol — Caracol Televisión
Channing Tatum is dyslexic. — UberFacts
Still dreaming about Channing Tatum after seeing #MagicMikeXXL? Get your fix with Jupiter Ascending: — Redbox
Which Channing Tatum Character Is Your Soulmate? — BuzzFeed Quiz
Dear Channing Tatum's wife... you've been blessed! — Amanda Cerny
Mientras los superhéroes de Marvel posaban para la foto, Channing Tatum ayudaba a Stan Lee a bajar del escenario — Sopitas
Actual angel Channing Tatum helped 92-year-old Stan Lee off the stage at #SDCC and our hearts burst: — E! Online
Just when I think it's impossible to love @ChanningTatum more than I already do, he does this: — MTV
True gentleman @ChanningTatum helps @TheRealStanLee off the stage at #ComicCon: #EWComicCon — Entertainment Weekly

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