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channing tatum is so damn good looking what the hell — Andrea Russett
Channing Tatum, amigos y amigas. Que se saque todo, Que se saque todo, Que se saque todo hasta la tanga #LaCosaOscar — lacosacine
Best Dressed Couple: Channing Tatum & @Jennaldewan at the #Oscars — FashionweekNYC
*every single oscar goes to Channing Tatum for his "my name jeff" line* — Nathan Zed
Sorry, Big Hero 6. Channing Tatum couldn't hear your speech over his awesome Lego statue. #oscars2015 — Funny Or Die
And the Oscar for best scruff in award show history goes to...CHANNING TATUM. #Oscars — E! Online
espero que um dia todos vocês encontrem alguém que olhe pra vocês como o channing tatum pro oscar de lego — Louise
Pants down? Yes, please, Channing Tatum! #Oscars2015 — Female Pains
Channing Tatum? More like Channing TatYum. — Dory
Sobre Channing Tatum — lindu
Seeing Channing Tatum on the Oscars —
A moment for Channing Tatum trying to keep it together in the background😂 #Oscars — Cosmopolitan
Channing Tatum มาร่วม #Oscars ในชุดของ Dolce & Gabbana มาพร้อมกับภรรยา Jenna Dewan-Tatum — GossipGun
Channing Tatum is keeping himself entertained — Elite Daily
Más primeros planos de Bradley Cooper, Channing Tatum, Adam Levine y Jared Leto, por favor. — E! Latin America

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