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Channing Tatum, protagonista 'Querido John', descubrió su pasión por el surf mientras grababa esta película — antena 3
Amanda Seyfried y Channing Tatum protagonizan el drama romántico 'Querido John' a las 22:00 en Antena 3 — antena 3
Channing Tatum: de los clubs de striptease al número uno de las taquillas #queridojohn — Vanity Fair España
Disappointed STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON didn't end a few years later so we'd see Eminem depicted, and Channing Tatum accurately play me. — Joseph Kahn
Channing Tatum just got even hotter by adopting a rescue horse: — E! News
Wait, Did Channing Tatum Just Drop A Major Hint About ’23 Jump Street’? — MTV News
So glad Channing Tatum stopped by the bus today here at #Browns camp. Like looking in a mirror Mr.… — Jay Glazer
Lamentablemente, Channing Tatum no puedo estar en la ceremonia pero le perdonamos todo #TeenChoice — E! Latin America
Exclusive: Channing Tatum and daughter Everly crashed a little girl's b-day party! Details -- — Us Weekly
Channing Tatum and his daughter totally crashed a b-day party. Exclusive details! — Us Weekly
Channing Tatum adopted a horse 'cos he's a complete babe. Wonder if it can do the nae-nae? LOL — Sugarscape
Channing Tatum Saved a Horse and Gave Him a Beer Because That's Love--See the Pic! — E! News
9 Places Channing Tatum Should Party At With His New Horse — MTV News
Proof Channing Tatum is THE best dad: — Us Weekly
Hey. Channing Tatum adopted a horse. — New York Magazine

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