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channing tatum in a suit please 💕 you're welcome — female struggles
8 ways your man can dress like Channing Tatum for Halloween! — Us Weekly
Channing Tatum on wrestling in preparation for the movie Foxcatcher. "It was extraordinary.” — World Wrestling
กรูอยากแทรกกลาง Not sure who this is #magicmikexxl Channing Tatum via @vine — ติ่งฝรั่ง.โอยเด็ด! ®
ahhhhhh Channing Tatum — framboise
Channing Tatum has learned more from people than he ever learned from school or books — The New York Times
To wrestle, Channing Tatum had to learn to not be angry (Photo: Collier Schorr) — The New York Times
The Book of Life อนิเมชั่นรับฮัลโลวีน เปิดตัว 3 วันแรกในอเมริกา $17 ล้าน หนังมี Channing Tatum ให้เสียงด้วย — Gun EFM
can i have my own channing tatum in a suit please 🙈💕 — A Girls Wish
Channing Tatum es disléxico. — ¡Hay que saberlo!
Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, and Ryan Gosling all need to come cuddle with me. — Fault in Our Stars
Channing tatum — well damn
These two police men look like channing tatum and jonah hill from 21 jump street — Gabrielle Elizabeth
Chicks who think relationships are like a Channing Tatum movie: I wish you well. — João Matthews

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