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Roses are white Nightlock is blue It’s called Catching Fire Not Hunger Games 2 — Professor Snape
"Catching Fire" appreciation tweet😊 — #oomf
.@TheHungerGames: Catching Fire won the big Movie of the Year gong at the bash! More here: — MTV UK
Y la Mejor Película de 2014 según los MTV #MovieAwards es #TheHungerGames Catching Fire. ¡El voto de los fans se hizo escuchar! — MTVLA
"Fear doesn't work as long as there is hope." - Catching Fire — Movie Quotes ♡
'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire', Movie of the Year MTV 2014 via @detikhot — detikcom
Johnny Depp announces "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" as Movie of the Year #MTVMovieAwards — Yahoo Movies
Catching Fire is actual proof that if you stick to the book’s plot, the movie will do fantastic. — That Awkward Moment
Johnny Depp มางาน MTV Movie Awards มอบรางวัลนำชายยอดเยี่ยมให้ Josh Hutcherson จาก The Hunger Games : Catching Fire — Gun EFM
The Hunger Games : Catching Fire คว้าหนังยอดเยี่ยม #MTVMovieAwards ด้าน Jennifer Lawrence-Josh Hutcherson ชนะชายหญิง — Gun EFM
Catching Fire won 3 #MTVMovieAwards! Best Movie of the Year, Best Male Performance & Best Female Performance! Thanks to everyone who voted. — The Hunger Gamers
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire wins the Best Movie of the Year Award! OMG! Thanks to everyone who voted! #MTVMovieAwards #CatchingFire — The Hunger Gamers
Congratulations @TheHungerGames: Catching Fire! Movie of The Year at the 2014 #MTVMovieAwards ! —
K liunsgate catching fire won now pls b generous and give us a mockingjay teaser — Katnus Evurden

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