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Roses are white Nightlock is blue It’s called Catching Fire Not Hunger Games 2. — Sarcasm
TCAs: Divergent's Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lawrence nominated (Catching Fire + 2) — E! Online
THE HUNGER GAMES: —Together? —Together. CATCHING FIRE: —Stay with me. —Always. MOCKINGJAY: —You love me, real or not real? —Real. — Okay
REQUESTED RT for The Hobbit Desolation Of Smaug FAV for The Hunger Games Catching Fire — RT or FAV
1 year ago today, Atlas (from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) was announced. — Atlas Project
The hunger games: "For Prim" THG: catching fire : "For Peeta" Mockingjay: "For the rebellion" ♥ — Katniss •
Gaun pengantin Katniss di film Hunger Games: Catching Fire, adalah rancangan desainer Indonesia, Tex Saverio. — Versi
Josh Hutcherson with Jennifer Lawrence's nephew on the Catching Fire set. — Movies in the Making
They didn't even want the news of Haiti gaining independence to spread, for fear of revolution catching fire. — Fredericka Thuglass
RAW VIDEO: An 18-wheeler hangs partly off an overpass after catching fire on a Texas highway: — The Associated Press
I just want someone who won't mind ending their night with us watching The Hunger Games or Catching Fire #MaybeOneDay — HungerGamesProblems
The Catching Fire movie literally slays every book to movie adaptation #unpopularfandomopinions — abby
Het is #wannahavewednesday. En we vonden nog een dvd van Catching Fire. Dus: Volg en RT en maak kans! — Best of YA Books

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