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RT to be added to a solo dm to Luke, Michael, Ashton or Calum! Just tell me which one! Make sure you're following me so I can add you🙊 — ☁️Calum Hood☁️
Petition for Calum Hood to post a selfie with a caption "this one for them hood girls" — 5SOS TUMBLR POSTS
Here we have Luke being his usual hot self and then we have Calum being.. Well... Just Calum 😂 — ❌Updates
"we have no time for that" same calum — Roos
RT for a DM to Calum!! Sending solos & groups for our followers. Spamming link for others!! 🐘🌿💞💎🔮🐼 — Follow Help!✨
Dating Calum Hood would include: — 5SOS TUMBLR POSTS
When you are Calum Hood af — Liamthelion☯☮
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Retweet for a DM to Calum Mbf me and @calumscene turn our notifications on for more👀 — Calum Hood
Calum Chambers' £15million move to Arsenal being investigated by the FA — MailOnline Sport
RT this & tweet #Giveaways5SOSHood to win this Calum Hood Hoodie- Ends 13th Feb at 9pm UK time (must be following us) — 5SOS Giveaways
Ashton is a band freak. Michael is a hair freak. Calum is a party freak. Luke is an awkward freak. And the 5sos fam are just freaks. — 5 seconds of summer!
Come on Calum!! #CBB @BarclayBeales — Reece Bibby
RT to be added to my Calum DM list, adding the first 100 that RT😁 must be following us💕 -Kyra🐼 — ☁️Follow Help☁️

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