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Calum. Amsterdam. 20.05.15 #ROWYSO @5SOS @HeyViolet — HI OR HEY RECORDS
Help choose Laura and Calum's adventures during the 24-Hour Event at Walt Disney World this weekend! #CoolestSummer — Disney Channel
Calum's crotch is the breakout star in the new 5SOS Instagram vid of his thrusty dance moves — Sugarscape
“@AustinR5Ally: @CalumWorthy @lauramarano @WaltDisneyWorld you're* Come on Calum!” ...I blew it... — Calum Worthy
Help choose Laura Marano and Calum Worthy's #CoolestSummer adventure at Walt Disney World! — Walt Disney World
If you get through this 5SOS thrusting vid without feeling faint, you're stronger than us — Sugarscape
What's up World! It's Calum here! Wanna hang with me while I chill at DisneyWorld? #CalumAtDisneyWorld — Just Jared Jr.
Do you know what @CalumWorthy's favorite summer jam is? We do! Find out: #CalumAtDisneyWorld — Just Jared Jr.
Did You Know That @CalumWorthy Likes to Chase Seagulls? #CalumsDayAtDisney — Just Jared Jr.
Well the @5SOS lads look like they're having the time of their lives in Amsterdam don't they! — Capital
Luke and Calum are watching stepbrothers SO loud — Michael Clifford
#NoticiasQueNosEnamoran 😍😍😍 Calum Hood: “Niall, te echo de menos, colega” — BRAVO
Calum Best @CalumBest pays tribute to late father - on what would have been his birthday — Closer Mag & Online
“@soffiir5: @justjaredjr CALUM ARE YOU HERE?!! #CalumAtDsneyWorld” I'm here! Are you?!? — Just Jared Jr.

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