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“@CanadiensMTL: @CalumWorthy Enjoy your 1st game in Montreal Calum! ^HF” Thanks! Tell your boys to come by our show! — Calum Worthy
#PrimaveraPop2015 MAD: Benjamin, Calum, SofiaReyes, Amelie, BromasAparte, XusoJones, MalditaNerea, LucyParadise, DVicio, Dasoul, Xriz (+) — Tony Aguilar
so badass that i can just sit with my band for and just hang out with them for like 4 hours. shows how close we are. except Calum @Calum5SOS — Michael Clifford
Prepare to love Michael and Calum's friendship more than your own family (sorry mum) — Sugarscape
Which singer is music mogul @davidwalliams talking to here? A) Calum B) Becky C) Isaac D) Henry #BGT — Britain's Got Talent
A tribute to Malum: Michael Clifford and Calum Hood's best bromantic moments ever ❤️ — Sugarscape
Finally, who brought out the matchmaker in @Amanda_Holden here? A) Isaac B) Henry C) Calum D) Paul #BGT — Britain's Got Talent
BBC Scotland's Calum Leslie explains how young voters are preparing to put their questions direct to the main... — BBC Politics
@maranoslaugh Ross- Anything like, organic, vegan & super healthy. Calum - a kale salad Laura- Cheese pizza — Raini Rodriguez
Still not over a TV channel mistaking Calum Hood as a victim of the #KylieJennerLipsChallenge — Sugarscape
Is that @peytonmeyer9 with @CalumWorthy at the #RDMAs preparty? Yes, yes it is — Just Jared Jr.
You might know these cool kids @Raini_Rodriguez @CalumWorthy @StarringRico #RDMAs — Just Jared Jr.
Looks like Calum got his ball in Luke's cup. NO NOT LIKE THAT WE'RE TALKING BEER PONG HERE — Sugarscape

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