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Noël Edmunds wants to buy BBC and put adverts on it.. In that case I shall buy the Army and put his face on every bullet — bob mortimer
Evidence of what happened in the 1st fraction of a second of our Universe, from the South Pole — Chris Hadfield
Malaysia Airlines: The lost final hours - Multimedia BBC explainer on tracking flight #MH370 — BBC Outside Source
The search for flight #MH370 is covering almost 3 million square miles - how big is that? — BBC News Graphics
Mucha propaganda con la BBC pero la realidad es que sólo llevan 1 gol y 1 asistencia más que Messi, Pedro y Alexis, pero con 708 minutos MÁS — -1899-
Can someone explain to me why bbc3 is the one being axed. This is the only decent channel the bbc got — ‎​‎​‎​ ​ ​‎​‎
"He’s a gift from heaven, he is truly a gift from heaven. Whatever he touches turns to gold." - Alan Parry (BBC) — SocialRMadrid
Stupidity: Jeremy Hunt's own department reveal he spent £172m sacking 4,000 NHS Staff only to rehire every 1 of them — Eoin Clarke
Patrice Evra is looking likely to follow Nemanja Vidić to Inter MIlan at the end of the season. (Source: BBC Sport) — Transfer News Live
And please sign my petition asking BBC to stop being so cloth-eared about the interests of its contributors: — GeorgeMonbiot
Curioso. La #BBC una máquina de elogios y con un gol más y más de 800 minutos más que los azulgranas. Menos lobos blancos. — Manolete
هذا الـ BBC الي ازعجونا فيه ؟ طيب وش نقول عن MSB ؟ يعني ميسي، سانشيز، بيدرو ؟ هههههه — Dhari Al_rakkad
BREAKING All of the #Ukrainian troops at the military base in #Simferopol have now been arrested - BBC — ЄВРОМАЙДАН
Recommended : just read @OwenJones84 on that hotbed of right wing bias the BBC - also it's becoming a #blokeocracy — emily bell

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