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WERE BACK AMERICA !! Can't wait to tour our EP! Hope you know all the words!! 😁😁 — 5 Seconds of Summer
Retweet if you agree that when women succeed, America succeeds. #FairFutureNow — Barack Obama
RT if you’re excited to see how Captain America: The Winter Soldier affects Marvel’s #AgentsofSHIELD, TONIGHT on ABC. — Agents of SHIELD
Birmingham, Stoke, Manchester and Liverpool all done today ! Off to America now for Saturday night live ! — Ed Sheeran
The minimum wage in America is pretty damn low — Mother Jones
North and South America at night — Earth Pics
After Capt America, def wanna see Agents of Shield tonight. Movie blew apart the show's world, can't wait to see them put it back together! — Felicia Day
[@CALACNN] @AlvaroUribeVel: A los países de América Latina les incomoda enfrentar dictaduras — CNN en Español
"America deserves equal pay for equal work." —President Obama #FairFutureNow — Barack Obama
Este es el más grande traidor de la história de América desde su descubrimiento en 1492 — DolarToday
Congrats Shabazz, not only the best PG in America but more importantly the best LEADER in America!! UConn Love.. — Kevin Ollie
Weekend Actuals: ‘Captain America’ - $95M, ‘#Noah’ - $17M, ‘#Divergent’ - $12.9M, ‘Grand Budapest’ - $6.1M & ‘#MuppetsMostWanted’ - $6.1M. — Mark Mahon
هل تعرف محمد؟ مقطع ٩دقائق بالانجليزية #America #Christin #Islam #Britain #English #العرب #السعودية #مصر #قطر #العريفي — د. محمد العريفي
El @AcuarioVeracruz es el mejor de América Latina y se ubica dentro de los 10 principales a nivel mundial #EnVivo — Gobierno de Veracruz
América del Norte y del Sur de noche. — El Mundo en Imágenes

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