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We must build a wall to secure our border. It will save lives and help Make America Great Again! — Donald J. Trump
Certain types of guns exclusively used to kill people, not for hunting, should not be sold in America. — Bernie Sanders
We have the #1 rock album, the #2 country album, and the #4 overall album in America. Truly never thought I'd see the day. — Jason Isbell
Whataburger just won @FastCompany's contest for Best Burger in America. #youalreadyknow — Whataburger®
#ÁguilaTricolor Goooooool!!! de @OribePeralta. @miseleccionmx 3-0 Jamaica. #VamosMéxico — Club América
Zimbabwe's favourite lion Cecil killed by hunter from 'North America' — Telegraph News
The Boy Scouts of America is lifting its ban on gay adults as employees and Scout leaders. — CNN Breaking News
"As a black woman in America, I do not feel alive. I feel like I am not yet dead," writes @rgay — The New York Times
.@realDonaldTrump promised to make America "great again" by running as a Republican in 2016. — Fox News
America !!! #Fire is officially on iTunes !!! everyone pick up your own copy and tell your friends ! #FireOnItunes — Wesley Stromberg
A ‘math’ test for you, America: If NOBODY had a gun, how many people would be shot dead? If EVERYBODY had a gun, same question. See? — Piers Morgan
Thanks to all our fans for making #AntMan the number 1 movie in America for a second spectacular weekend! — Ant-Man
"@SilverSharen: Obama is in Africa pledging 1billion dollars to help them. How about that money to help America. Trump for POTUS." — Donald J. Trump
Thanks America for the opportunity you gave me through baseball. I bless you. — Pedro Martinez

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