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When you believe "Real America" does not include the President of America, you might be a racist. — John Legend
The realest cop in America. — WORLDSTARHIPHOP
"What's going on?" Hundreds of years. In America. This has been happening for HUNDREDS of years. Cell phones just make it harder to ignore. — Leslie Odom, Jr.
America woke up to yet another tragedy of a life cut down too soon. Black Lives Matter. #PhilandoCastile -H — Hillary Clinton
Creo que esto lo ha empezado un grupo de niños """"hackers"""" de Latino America. GG BOYSSS — elrubius
If the shooter of the cop turns out to be Muslim Then America needs new screenwriters because that's a predictable plot. — Charlamagne Tha God
I feel sometimes we're sliding backwards. The scars & stains of racism are still deeply embedded in America society. We have to deal with it — John Lewis
I have a bad feeling about America. Something is about to happen. To much turmoil. Please just treat everyone with love and respect. — Jesse Wellens
This. Exactly this. Come on, America. — Wil Wheaton
Said it before and I'll say it now: America is really fortunate that black people only want equality and not revenge. — Joel D. Anderson
America's obsession with guns is crashing into America's terrible history of racism. — Nicholas Thompson
"It is clear that you, white America, will never understand us" via @nytopinion — The New York Times
My heart can't shake the sadness that the Sterling and Castile families are enduring as well right now. Horrible 72 hrs for America — Tony Romo
The Star-Spangled Avengers of the 2000's take the stage in this 'All Versions of Captain America" episode! — Marvel Entertainment

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