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I had a good day today, did you, I hope so, Good morrow America tomorrow, epic excitement xx — Ashton Irwin
Random places all around America all for free! LETS GO #rvproject — Taylor Caniff
Fall colors have started showing up on the landscape of North America seen here on Sept. 26 — NASA
Ebola made it to America and y'all buying Masks & Hand Sanitizer.. AIDS been here 30 years and y'all still wont wear Condoms! — Bobby J.
Guys #ThePointlessBook comes out in America on October 14th!! Pre-order it here: Or — Alfie Deyes
Love seeing women claiming that rape culture in America isn't an issue, and that women who think it is are "whiners." #sickening — Sophia Bush
Who in America has checked out STY???? — The Vamps
America has the best doctors and public health infrastructure in the world, and we are prepared to respond to #Ebola: — The White House
You are more likely to be killed by Batman, The Ride than the Ebola virus via @theatlantic — The Wire
You've been shaking w anticipation long enough. #MACRockyHorror is avail in N. America now — MACcosmetics
Normani's "Only in America" impression was too jokes 😩😂 — jaque
#Ebola hits America: #CDC identifies first case on US soil via @foxnewshealth — Fox News
TWO school shootings on the SAME DAY in America and nobody cares? Just astounding. — Piers Morgan
[B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 SOUTH AMERICA ATTACK!] #BAP #LOE2014 For more info from the line below:... — TS_Enter
Amma in Jail. ISRO on Mars. Modi in America. A few years ago, nobody would have offered 1 in a million odds for this. — Chetan Bhagat

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