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Public college and university education in America must be tuition-free. We could do it 50 years ago, why the hell can't we do it today? — Bernie Sanders
Almost every media outlet in America said Bernie supporters booed Nina. It was a complete lie. Never happened. — Shaun King
America; where a Planned Parenthood shooter can be too insane to stand trial for murder but not too insane to legally buy semi automatics. — John Fugelsang
America joining us for the first time this year - IT IS ALWAYS LIKE THIS — BBC Eurovision
Loving South America — The Tide
Hello America *YES* this is #Eurovision — BBC Eurovision
Donald Trump's victory is a disaster for Republicans and for America — The Economist
'Captain America' star bears eerie resemblance to Luke Skywalker — Mashable
"Dropping the shield is a rejection of the Captain America identity." Russos on #CivilWar: — Empire Magazine
"Progress doesn’t travel a straight line, but instead zigs and zags in fits and starts.” —@POTUS #RU250Grad — The White House
FACT: Donald Trump would force schools to allow guns in classrooms on his first day in office. — Hillary Clinton
What has happened to the powerful women of South America? — The New York Times
Man rips off woman's hijab during flight, yells "this is America" — ThinkProgress
CBO: 1 in 6 young men in America are jobless or incarcerated. — Fox News
Congratulations America! You may have never heard of #eurovision until today & you may have never entered but you just won with @jtimberlake — Nathan Sykes

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